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I had a nightmare last night that could probably turn into a good horror movie. Here it is...:
It started out as a game, soon I found out it was my reality. But this reality wasn't an ideal reality, on either side of the coin you wish you could just die. Everything in this world was black and white....good and....bad. I wished there was a gray somewhere in-between, but this world knew not of hope...there were strict rules in order to survive. But even still...if I did survive, there was a twist...I couldn't leave, I would be tortured for eternity.
The Nightmare started out....happy. Well it seemed happy, but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. The happy "dimension" literally had not one rainbow, but many rainbows, lol. This dimension basically looked like the board game "Candy Land", everything was brightly colored, but gave off the feel of "fake" happiness, it felt like walking into a childrens' cartoon.  The rules in this happy dimension were simple to understand: you had to do everything right, be perfect, make no mistakes. These terms are broad, but that was the point...this was the torture, you had to find out what was good. If you didn't, you would take two steps backward, and find yourself in the Hell dimension. Literally, I looked at the happy dimension, everything easily morphed into things of felt like this Hell was here all along, the happy dimension was just an illusion. Hell looked like...well Hell. Everything was dark, mentally and physically, and it was gory. There was a constant dark gray in the sky, that you knew would never let any hopeful ray of light pierce the dark clouds. The feel of this Hell felt like I was in a video-game, almost a 2D feeling. I saw the gutter, it was filled with a river of blood. The streets were littered with mangled and tortured carcasses. Buildings and houses were depilatated. There was a dark force of people who were taken over with un-forgiving demons that were more than happy to torture you as long as they could, but within an inch of your life, you could still feel your body shake with the fire slowly burning your skin until it melts off, or feel hammers shatter your bones, broken glass being shoved into your skin...seeing crimson flow off your body. The demons took delight in my desperate screams, fears, and tears. The ratio of how much "good deeds" I had to do to get rid of one "bad deed" was 3:1. It's hard to do a good deed when the dark was a constant reminder of where I was. The dark crept into every crevice of my mind, trying to blind me of my mission to see the light again.
These worlds were happy shade of gray...
Just a head game of constant survival...where you wished that DEATH, was an actual...
(This nightmare has been my most detailed nightmare that I can remember off hand...weird.)
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